In 1994, mediCAD Hectec GmbH began developing a software solution for orthopedic surgeons. Our aim ist o provide digital tools for efficient and safe planning of joint operations, both in clinics and practices.

In 1999, mediCAD Hectec GmbH became the first company in the world to provide a software program that allows for fully digitized and professional pre-operative planning of a joint replacement with just a few inputs/clicks.

With the aid of automatic calculations and special algorithms, doctors can save up to 85% of the time required for conventional surgery planning. Additionally, planning quality can be improven considerably due to previous precision of measurement and planned process optimisation.

With mediCAD®, mediCAD Hectec GmbH is setting an innovative milestone in the support of surgical orthopedics worldwide. With automatic archiving of critical information and complete traceability of findings, pre-operational planning and follow-ups, mediCAD® provides the best possible framework for a perfectly prepared, professionally performed and tamper-free documented operation, with respectively recorded follow-ups.

Through close collaboration with leading medical technology companies and successful use of mediCAD® in more than 3500 clinics around the world, mediCAD HECTEC GmbH is now a global player in the medical software market.

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